Synthesis of oligonucleotides


Synthesis of oligonucleotides

Personalize synthetic oligonucleotides to meet your requirements and the specifics of the application. All our oligonucleotides undergo a quality control stage by mass spectrometry to verify their identity and purity.

Use our "Oligov Calculator" to quickly place an order. In it, you will be able to modify oligonucleotides at will using the available list of modifications. 

Go to the section Modifications if you want to know more about chemical modifications.

DNA oligonucleotides
Fluorescently labeled probes and samples
Oligonucleotides with fluorescent dyes and/or quenchers
Oligonucleotides GentaOligoPure
Oligonucleotides synthesized according to specially developed protocols of the company
Chemical modifications of oligonucleotides available for order