Review and choose modifications for your oligonucleotides that we offer. For more information follow the categories below. If the modification of your interest is not listed in the section below, please contact us. We promptly review your request/inquiry and deliver you the best possible offer.

NOTE: Most of modifications are introduced during solid phase oligonucleotide synthesis. However, some modifications are not tolerant to conditions of synthesis and deprotection, so their post-synthetic incorporation results in decreased yields due to additional procedures and purification steps.

‘Click’ chemistry modifications
"Click Chemistry" is a universal method of conjugation of various biomolecules
Phosphorothioate bonds
Phosphorothioate bonds
2'-MOE (2'-O-Methoxyethyl) RNA modification
Олигонуклеотиды с 2'-MOE модификациями демонстрируют повышенную аффинность
2'-OMe (2'-O-Methyl) RNA modification
2’-OMe модификации улучшают кинетику гибридизации, термическую стабильность дуплексов и устойчивость к нуклеазам.
LNA (Locked Nucleic Acid) RNA modification
LNA modifications form a fixed conformation of the sugar moiety
Other modifications

2'-deoxyuridine, 2'-deoxyinosine and 1,2-dideoxyribose.

5’-Phosphorylation, 3’—Phosphorylation
Thiophosphate bonds
Повышают устойчивость к деградации нуклеазами, а также улучшает PK/PD in vivo.
Fluorophores and quenchers
Fluorescent oligonucleotides are used in a variety of biochemical and analytical applications
Linkers and functionalization

Possibilities of functionalization of synthetic oligonucleotides with various chemical groups or molecules available for order