mRNA production

GenTerra can supply various types of mRNA with our mRNA Synthesis Service. You may either send us the DNA template for the synthesis, or link with us for the discussion the possibilities of order DNA template from us. Our mRNA Synthesis Service is categorized into two: Standard mRNA Synthesis Service and Complete mRNA Synthesis Service. Standard mRNA Synthesis Service provides only the RNA coding sequence, with optional choices of 5' cap and 3' poly (A) tail. Complete mRNA Synthesis Service provides not only the RNA coding sequences, but also 5' cap, 3' poly (A) tail, and 5' & 3' UTR.

Depending on your experimental designs, you may select the service that you wish to get.

  • The ordered mRNA is sent in a lyophilized form. Results for gel electrophoresis and NanoDrop absorbance are also provided.
  • Customize your desired mRNA with 5' or 3' poly (A) tailing modification options according to your experimental designs.
  • High-quality RNA at reasonable prices

You can fill out the feedback form to discuss the project and/or get more detailed information about this service.